You will need either a PC or a Mac computer with Microsoft Word or Microsoft Works. If you have neither of these, you can download a free Microsoft Word equivalent (and compatible with Word) called OpenOffice from You cannot use WordPad or Pages.  Google Docs can be used ONLY if you use the MLA format template in Google docs, and set up the format to our requirements. It can then be attached to an email to send.  The key is to use “Attach” NOT “Share”.

You will need internet access. High speed internet is, of course, the best way to go.

You will also need to ensure you have the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader. The lessons and many handouts are in PDF format (so that everyone can read them, no matter what word processing program you have), and you need the latest Reader to open these. You can download and install this from:

Other than that, you will need an e-mail program. Almost any e-mail program is fine, although we recommend that if you have hotmail, that you set up another account for our courses – gmail is a good choice.  We have had difficulty with hotmail blocking emails from our staff and teachers.