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Instructor Requirements

Are you interested in joining the Home2Teach team?  Check out the information below to see if working with our team of educators would be a good fit for you.

Core Skills

Mentor Attitude

Loving and nurturing attitude toward children and young adults.  Our teachers work with students from all backgrounds and ability levels, so a growth mindset is a must.

Flexible Schedule

Availability for weekly one-hour class meetings, plus 2-3 hours daily for editing and revising of student work.

Strong Content Knowledge

Applicants must have strong grammatical and punctuation knowledge, ability to utilize MLA formatting, understanding of various purposes of writing (entertain, persuade, inform, describe.)

Organizational Skills

Ability to organize/manage files and lesson material, keep up with due dates and student submissions

Strong Computer Skills

Working knowledge of both Google Docs and Microsoft Word, ability to troubleshoot small technological issues (i.e. attaching files, etc.), understanding of Gmail.

Communication Skills

Ability to clearly answer student questions, willingness to check in with director/other teachers when questions arise.

What to Expect

Teachers are responsible for holding weekly online class meetings that review the concepts presented in the lessons (which students download and review prior to class meetings)


Throughout the week, teachers edit student work.  Students must type all work in Word (or equivalent) in MLA page format. They email their assignments to the instructor, and the instructor provides edits and help on their paper, sends it back to the student, who does the revisions, then returns to the instructor. Students have work each day, whether it is an assignment or edits on the assignment.  Many times, students need more than one round of edits.


Teacher do not "grade" work; our philosophy is mastery, so we work with the student on the assignment until it is the best it can be.

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